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3 reasons you should add insulation to your house

Your house must be well insulated; else there may be lots of problems. If there is no insulation, your home may become too hot or too cold. It can affect your energy bills significantly. Here are the reasons why you should insulate your home.

Reducing energy bills

img6If you have a good heating and cooling system and if your windows are in good shape, then insulation is the reason why you have high energy bills. Your HVAC system has to work more to keep the home at the desired temperature if your home is poorly insulated. In an uninsulated home, heat seeps into your home in summer, and cold air gets in during winter.

Rooms on the top floors are warmer in summer

img7In the summer months, the upper levels of your home have more heat and humidity. If the temperature difference is between 10-15 degrees, then you know that it is due to poor insulation. If you have inconsistent temperatures around your house, then your HVAC system has to work harder, and this will increase your energy bills.

Freezing pipes in the winter months

img5If your house is insulated properly, then frozen pipes shouldn’t be a problem. If there is any problem, then you lack insulation in the walls of your home and attic. You shouldn’t wait too long to solve the problem. If you wait too long, your frozen pipes may burst, causing a mess and costing lots of money to fix it.

So, properly insulating your home is very important for reducing your energy bills and also to live comfortably in your house. If you haven’t insulated your home yet, you should do in immediately.