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4 drawbacks of spray foam insulation

Homes that are insulated with spray foam insulation are very effective. If installed properly, they can outperform 99% of fiberglass batt-insulated, stick-build homes. Spray foam is both insulation and an air barrier. So, proper alignment of insulation and air barrier is ensured. But there is no guarantee that all spray foam will be comfortable and efficient. Here are some drawbacks of using spray foam.

Not very thick

img2Spray foams can be of two types: open cell foam and closed cell foam. The thickness of the spray foam is not sufficient for both types of foam. Open cell foam fills the framing cavity entirely. So, you can tell if the installer has sprayed enough. The closed cell foam doesn’t fill the cavity, so you need to check in various places to see if things are in place.

Poor installation

Sometimes, the installers may miss some of the air leakage sites. So, if spray foam is not insulated properly, it won’t provide the insulation you are expecting.

Not spraying the right amount

If the installers don’t have a good understanding about the building envelope, they won’t be able to spray evenly throughout the surface. Some places will be sprayed either too much or too little. If the installer misses some area, there will be a lack of insulation.

It contracts and pulls away from framing

Due to improper mixing, bad chemicals, and high temperature, the spray foam may contract or pull away from framing.
So, installation of spray foam is very important. If not properly applied, you will lose heat and your home will become uninsulated.

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