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Control Your Own Power


There is no doubt that we depend on electricity to get through the day, and that dependence grows each year.  From keeping food fresh to lighting our homes at night, there isn’t an hour in the day that we are not using electricity for something.

What happens when the power goes out during a storm or when power lines are downed by an accident?  Many people worry if the outage is going to be temporary, a few minutes or a few hours, or more permanent.  Just ask the people in Florida after Hurricane Katrina who were told repeatedly that their power would be on “this week”.  “This week” turned into 3 months for many of them and their daily lives were disrupted significantly.  People lost thousands of dollars of food in their refrigerators.  Many more experienced damage to their homes from mold growth due to no air conditioning.

No matter where you live in the country, you need power to carry on a relatively normal life.  While battery backups are a good idea for sump pumps and security systems, these batteries don’t run for more than a few hours or a couple of days, leaving your home vulnerable to water damage or safety threats.  Your refrigerator doesn’t have a battery backup, nor does your HVAC system.

The answer to keeping your normal lifestyle during a power outage is home generators.  A backup generator permanently wired into your home’s electrical system ensures that if power goes out, your lights, your heating and air conditioning, your security system, your garage door and all your media devices will be able to work properly and indefinitely.  Generators use propane or natural gas as their source of fuel.  These fuel sources can power a generator indefinitely until utility electrical power is restored.