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The Best Ways to Provide Protection for Your Concrete Foundation

We all know that water in our property is always a bad sign because it can cause a lot of problems. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with the most useful advice that you can get from experts when it comes to how you can protect your concrete foundation.

Keep a keen eye on your gutters

The most useful tool in providing protection for your home’s foundation is also among the easiest. You have to see to it that the gutter is doing its job. That’s it; it should be working towards directing the water away from your property’s foundation. It should be not less than 10 feet. You also have to make sure that there is nothing that comes in the way of your gutters. When the gutters overflow, the water will go to all directions and they wills surely end up down the foundation.

Make sure you grade your home’s yard

You should avoid any kind of soil sloping towards your property because that means water will be directed towards your foundation. You can address this problem by making use of fill dirt that you can put around your property.

Be mindful and always inspect

If you have just experienced rain storm, you should take the time to inspect if there are some puddles of water near your foundation. If there are, you should get help from the professionals to make sure that your drainage system will be fixed. If you are using sump pump, see if it is functioning well in pumping the rainwater away.

Make use of your senses

Leaks are not always visible. There are times when you can see them seeping through the cracks of your walls but there sure are times when the only sign you get is some discoloration on the concrete. You can also notice some water rot smell and it may well indicate something.

Take action now

The last thing that you have to avoid is delaying the repairs that you need to do. Minor leaks can progress into major cracks. In time, when you leave it totally unattended, it can lead to total foundation failure. You surely don’t want that to happen and that is why you need to address the issue. Always remember that you should never underestimate what water can do to your property. It will always try to get in and the moment that you forget this is the moment that you start dealing with grave problems.